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Autumn's Gold (Fferyllt)

Part 1 The autumn rain on a frozen valley; The bird's wedge is calling our souls fallow them… Dejected trees will be colored in yellow As soon as the sun will whispering your name… Chorus Oh, Gods, I am waiting your anger, Sitting near water where my sword will sink. My land has been locked by a stranger, Has been covered by night's black wings. Part 2 Remember a time when the trickle of water Was streaming to hands like a diamond's drops, When silky grass was caressing our bodies And our hearts were full by eternal hope. Part 3 The fields are empty, the woods are burnt - Our kings have been blinded by shining of gold. The autumn treasure as rich as yours, Its fading is my trouble untold… Part 4 The Earth in gold is a dream of tomorrow In stuffy metal it's restless soul. We can't be ruthless, we can not borrow Its shabby heart hearing Mother's call.