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Monologue With The Dust (Vedonist)

Greyness of dreams brings eternal longing For the colour of hypocrisy You have been pushed into the arms of lies By terror of your being Vain hopes, which are fed with your weakness Your fathers' sins hog-tied minds of this world Mourn for ignorance and console yourself with faith The shield, which protects you against real life Take a look through the tears at blackness of your heart And pray forgiveness, Because in presence of the humankind's crimes It is a blasphemy to suspect me of existence You are dependent on finding solace in your extensive treasure, The one produced by hundreds of dreams And conscious mockeries Redness of damnation guards your desires But it is just one of the thousand lies You renounce yourself to experience redemption The new vestment of nonsense, which is hard to believe in Faith is yet a sad becessity The attempt of burying your eternal loneliness In ashes of your pangs of conscience Time of revelation is the time of death End of illusion is our sentence You are of the dust, And you'll turn to dust again I'll follow you