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Sonderkommando (Vedonist)

In streams of anxiety I catch a breath of present time And open a hidden door in a floor with the imprinted hand Once again I begin a night descent toward my cellar worlds Where the past of milion shadows plays with silent calmness I dive strenously in an element of unwanted visions Painted with pangs of conscience, fed with sadness And helpless I stand among demons from the former life The one tragically led ina treadmill of inhuman cruelty Detested by the enemy, condemned by my co-brothers I carry my burden of loneliness through the striped crowd I pass dreams, hopes, I proceed among bitterness and tears Unceasingly closing eyes of those who desire the sunrise I silence my heart, forget the prayers, reject all thoughts As I live in the irreversibleness of stupor just to last I welcome trust, surprise, I say goodbye to faith and pride And I write down the tragedy of humankind turned to dust Being dead alive I await stepping out of the row A moment of last crossing the hellish threshold Eternal chimneys don't forgive their foster sons Ant they consume the testimony of extermination system Devastated by the claims of abstract past I am awaking to reality created in shade Where from a victim of humanity burying times I become an executioner in eyes of justice Weary of life I examine myself in a mirror of sorrow And my senile reflection is flowing with the last tear Ready for meeting faces faded long ago by time I join the rest of the damned from Sonderkommando Here comes the time to dream