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Godly Vibe (Youth Alive)

Our position as a Christian Is to make a righteous decision We are a generation rising with God's vision We need obedience to choose To serve the Man Jesus is our Lord and he's got our plan So it's up to us to make a stand And it's time to see A Godly revolution Stop sinning 'cause it's causing much pollution It's only Jesus Christ the way The truth and solution We must die to ourselves To find that life filled with Christ All your sinning and your lying Your cheating must cease Cause we're living and we're giving And we're bringing God's peace We are the movement we are Youth Alive So it's time to be letting and getting Bringing and living that Godly vibe Gotta get that Godly vibe Get a Godly vibe and dance to the music Time to re-revive the truth and we choose it Get a Godly vibe and dance to the music Get a Godly vibe (2x) Only if you pay the cost will you reach His lost Do you love Him "Yes" well then you must trust 'Cause it's all about His heart And it's all about His truth The kingdom is inside each one of you We are the youth to set fire to this nation Give yourself to Jesus You must know His salvation We are Youth Alive A call to this generation We are aliens in God We don't listen to the world's station Romans 12:2 transform your mind From side to side letting God invade And letting God abide You gotta get that Godly vibe