Seinfeld (Jeru the Damaja)

Ham hops, crack rocks, ooo-wops, cell blocks Biscuits, gravy, smothered pork chops Big diamond bracelets, mad lootin drug spots High speed chases, robbiries, crooked cops Guess who's pregnant, so and so got shot Bitches with fat asses, no brain and drop top Benzes, blue and green contact lenses Ya money, ya car and how live you and your mens is Knowin who your friends is, millionaire dollar shoppin benjeses Ya money how much them timbs is In my roll, fuckin shit raw, gettin driz-niz Me and ya dip, in the cut, blazin a bliz, she suckin my diz-nick Cope p'los and heron bricks So many girls in this world, which one should I pick? Shit is gettin thick, you better move quick Rappers is mad gangsters, applying pressure like the heimlich Dime chicks, that I love to stick lick Murderers, thieves, hustlers, pimps and tricks Lalalalalalalalalalala Rolex, fat checks, while sex in tecks Bad ho's, corresing my chest, sippin the Beck's Burning l's in your projects, what's next It's the first of the month, go get those welfare checks Crazy connects, pushing a Lex, suckin on breasts Sleep all day, all night, fuck and duck the tech Dibs, the one's that quickest to draws, the one that lives My niggas in the ghetto, know what time it is Makin moves like a chess wiz, gotta feed my eight kids I need deep and pussy pampers, cribs and bibs Day to day, is how a nigga lives Nothing's what a nigga is So he ends up in pri- Zon, I think ya pussy so go get ya son Tough ass rappers, crazy talk no action Got freaky stunts, bring some Makin all Queens in my kingdom Eighty niggas can't get a crumb Dizzy broads with dope bodies, a dime a dozen Bottom line the pussy bangin, it'll make me cum Jagaurs, strip bars, ghetto supastar Me and ya pussy out on the road, whippin ya car I'm takin off her bra, she gettin bucked baby pa Look new, but true, fuck like a pro likes action No camera, co reck it and leave a scar Niggas is fake and rough, but sleep like spar To cuss, bust, dutch us and bringin the ruckus Money makin brothers want to fight and fuss Cruisin out my flesh light, plus make playas look ridiculous Trying hard, but can't stop the bumrush Sun trust, all the temples I crush, ya must back up Spontaneous combustion Forty five freaks inside my dungeon When I get paid I want it in alumson Lick a shot and cause pandemonium Crazy niggas in jail or the insane asylum Brooklyn Brooklyn is where I'm from Three minutes and some change and I still ain't say none