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Beyond Recognition (Funebrarum)

The foul reek of decaying flesh Lays thick within this chamber of horror Upon the bloodstained altar A corpse ready for post-mortal amputation Vile acts of morbidity An un-ending quest to satisfy A hunger for violent death And infernal carnage Deadened eyes Lost in trance As the sharpened blade Tears into suppurated flesh Purulent necropsy Beyond recognition Dismembering in darkness Beyond recognition The eyes of death A morbid face Slithering in rancid secretions The gateway to beyond... My abhorrent transformation Beyond recognition Devoid of all thought I complete the process of mutilation The horrid crack of bone Limbs are ripped free from their sockets And thrown into a pile Fetid black blood Splatted in grotesque patterns Upon the walls Slithering chunks of flesh Soon they will find the remains... In the shadows of the morgue A body lay torn to pieces Infernal eviceration - Invoked damnation Consume the host of hell A skeletal feast Baptized at this horrid scene A twisted brain decays Beyond recognition The purulent stench...