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New Song (Cool For August)

The first thing i remember was the last thing she said to me before she was silent, things werent quite the way it seemed I confided, finding every stone cast at all of them, maybe its the hurt that breeds inside of them the past may be hiding by a dream the dream went away the dream went away my days are numbered i've waited too long leaving hours unresolved leaving hours unresolved unprovided, the victim time and time again only this time it wont be mine again, convinced my life as a dream, i followed it, dont mess around with her confidence she scales the mountains of inconfidence a look may hide enough to see the dream went away the dream went away now its over before the fight and may he coat himself coat himself in the light from his (?) when shifting passages set free and there is no easy way no easy way and the fire's to blame uninspired, feeling like i'm alone again the basin of all my abandonment the sanctity of my scene the dream went away the dream went away the dream went awaaaaaaaaaaaay (my days are numbered, i've waited too long, leaving hours unresolved)