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Fall Of Atlantis (White Wizzard)

Alien ships race from dark empire seeking utopian eden crashed to the earth in a ball of fire Forever bound and imprisoned City was built under crystal sea So would rise a society Alien race that sought freedom from The dark beings and evil ones Arise - City undersea Atlantis came to be In magic ocean spray A brighter day But darkness awaits - at hell's gates Death would arise bringing their demise Soon all were dead - aliens are bred Man would arise - the immortal soul will die Demons imprisoned bang on the gates Souls of the damned are screaming with hate Smelling the blood of these souls of light Hungry to rape them and take their lives In the desert plains demons ride Calling for the dead to rise Trumpets blow and serpents glide Souls of light meet certain demise Evil free to rape the light A new race conceived in the night To the city now they ride . Stallion of fire on deadly stride Harvest souls - one by one DNA of the chosen one Now the light they manipulate sewing in the seeds of hate