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Odium Divinum (Nox Aurea)

Thou, the essence of purity And highest emanation of Chaos The clear light of the void Grant me Thy infinite powers Illuminate me with Thy great wisdom For I am forever Thine Thou, the Lord who petrifies the blind And burn them with the fire of divine I perceive Thy wordless voice Which, in every encounter, Master the illusions of mind Odium Divinum! Grant me Thy spiritual burning sword So that I can cut and dissolve The illusional flesh of the demiurg For I follow the forbidden paths To liberation of the true self Discovered only by those Who have the power to find it Thou, the golden key to emancipation Whose call guides me into deepest trance The opposer of the filthy being Dissolve these fettering structures Thou, the serpent who lurks in forbidden shadows Which hold the secrets beyond all times Let me see the beauty of Thy hidden entity Oh, let me be at one with Thee Thou, the purifying fire of Gnosis Whose formless sparks And spiritual impulses subdues the ego Thou, the accuser of all cosmig being My holy Father, I am forever Thine... Odium Divinum!