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The Funeral Of All (Nox Aurea)

Primeval supremacy of divine Swept the cold forsaken universe The masses drowns in oceans of blood Empires falls, enclosing by ashes Human life descends into nothing And there was silence... I listen to the beautiful sound Of a crying God in hopeless despair As tears of doom raining from the sky The time has come for all to die I gaze at the gloomy world In dismal shape of night The culture of man lies bleak In a frozen and desolate wasteland Empty streets, fading screams Abandoned and forever vanished I realize, everything is gone The funeral of all The grand precipitation of truth Purifies the filth of Cosmos everlastingly Weak life, the light of a lone second Amid the liberation of eternities Wherever I walk the world lies in ruins And human blood stains the ground What I see is a dying world of misery My vision of bliss is now absolute At last, I can rest in peace... This, the worlds last chapter Everything feels so complete Only me and soundless death remains Surrounded by silent bareness As I leave this aeon of sorrow behind I enjoy my very last breath And with a smile I walk...