World Circus (Toxik)

Ladies and Gents We welcome you now to the show A game we like to play When your turn comes we'll let you know The game is their world The circus is all of tricks Democracy, hypocrisy, cash junkies all need a fix Oh, but God can save us all Bow to his glory and now prepare for the fall Of the... World Circus/World Circus USSR and United States represent all Biggest nation, main attraction The people holding the bail Some small sweaty country Is where the first acts will all die Out of the air into despair That's how the circus survives Oh, but we could save us all Forget their religion and think for yourselves Once, and for all, before the... World Circus/World Circus Lights, Flashing Ash, fills the air Open, the sky is bleeding Circus, is everywhere Breathe in the air of disgust And it will make you gag Chemicals, they're filling the air Money in some fat man's bag the illness that infects your immunes And leaves you quite dead Who'd believe, who'd have conceived Our book was already read Oh, but God can save us all And if you believe you're a fool, and surely Will fall, to the... World Circus/World Circus In the center ring