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Let Me Be Your Love (Faniello Fabrizio)

Your look makes me surrender, Secrets smile that lightness up my life, Won't you mend this broken heart You lit a fire in me, You left a wound nobody else can cure, I'm that sure. Don't you tell me that I should get over you? I can't live a day on my own. RIT: Let me be your lover girl, Let me be the one who cares, I believe is just a perfect thing for you and me. I can be the world for you, Let me be your dream come true, I will hold you in my arms so you won't lose the way. Let me be your lover. An everlasting romance, Is all I hope we'll have if you should stay? Won't you take away this pain? If there's a happy ending, We'll learn to love each other everyday, Through the years. Please listen to all that I say to you, And give me the love that I need. RIT: Let me be your lover girl...