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The Foolhardy Venturer (Glorior Belli)

When Earth in its young prime languished with grotesqueness Where solely wicked chimes loudy would resonate A challenging saraph whose chants force hearts to break Had divine glory found in sordid depths unknown He reached a place so down he felt his wings perish Crawling through desperate lands, not knowing night from day For so long he remained dormant in such grey lairs But never will ignore the essence of his strife Painting a mournful world, by fierce natures engulfed And from that brave journey a very beast was born Sometimes he asks himself is truth still deafening But then he laughs in panic of delight Satanic Howling by the moonlight: Father, I've raised you to renown And laud your thousand names to despicable crowds But had I wished to bring you down, revealing your secrets Your shame would surely match your questionable pride And without fame you'd be but a fool to deride! Then thought no more, for suddenly his logic failed Silence and utter night has become his temple When Earth in its young prime withered with deviousness Where solely blatant chimes would resonate A confronting seraph whose chants could enlighten Had divine glory found in a darkness that burns