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Poverty (Mick Hucknall)

Up every morning with the sun I work all day till the evening comes Blisters and corns all in my hands Lord, have mercy on a working man I guess I'm gonna die just like I?m living In poverty My pay goes down and my tax goes up I drink my tea from a broken cup Between my woman and Uncle Sam I can't figure out whose fool I am I guess I'm gonna die just like I'm living In poverty Oh Lord, it's so hard but it's fair Everybody talks but nobody really cares, Lord I can't save a dime, can't buy me one cent I pay my bills, I can't pay my rent The old lady's fussing and the kids are crying They won't let me join the welfare line I guess I'm gonna die just like I'm living In poverty They say there?s one poverty They say it's going around now But all I need is people, oh Lord They're trying to keep you down now, oh Poverty, that's where I'm gonna stay now Oh Lord, it seems that?s where I?m gonna stay