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A Letter To You (Raven Eddy)

I tore my letter up, I couldn't even start To tell you what's really in my heart There's only so much that words can say So I sent you a piece of this beautiful day. Oh I want you to know that I took a rainbow And sent it off in a letter to you I took some flowers in the spring made a sweet clover ring And sent it off in a letter to you I took a song from the lark, the moon from the dark And a spark with the sparkling dew With a kiss and a hug and a whole lot of love I sent 'em off in a letter to youI took the mornin' sun peekin' through the trees And the dandelion silk tangled in the breeze I folded 'em up and I sealed 'em with a kiss It's the kind of letter that you can't resist.In a day or two, just you wait and see You're gonna get a special delivery You'll know the way I feel, there can't be any doubt When you open it up and let the love spill out