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Heart On The Line (Raven Eddy)

Now I thought it over how it’s come to this I must have lost all my common sense I been chasin’ a dream runnin’ through my mind So I called her up to say how I felt Just before I could get it out she was gone, the silence was on She didn’t hear a word, she just hung up the phone Chorus: Operator, operator, could you be so kind As to reconnect this number, I just spent my last dime She’s got my love on hold and my heart is on the line Well I was always just one step ahead Just close to keep my fingers wet I been actin a fool and foolin no one but myself But now I’m ready to talk if you’re willing to hear The choice of words is my biggest fear, I’d say anything, yes I would, just To change your mind You’ve got my love on hold and my heart is on the line Chorus X2