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I'm Through (Sharissa)

For real I can't take this no more I gotta get out the house I can't deal with him no more Why do you keep coming over here With the same old BS every other week You know you're not going anywhere So why you keep lying to me? I know you, the only thing about it is He knows you better (You think so) He knows you ain't going nowhere Come to think of it If I was you I wouldn't go nowhere either Let him go, put his ass out Know what I'm saying Look all you gotta do is tell him I'm through Trying to prove my love I'm through baby Oh man I'm through Sometimes I had to give up what was right When I knew it was wrong But I believe stand here today on my very own Cause I've found someone and I know he understands That I know what it really means, What it really means to have a real man You see his daily deeds and the things he does and says He says I'm not trying to take your boyfriend's place but if I can't help ya I swear I won't get in your way Tell him, tell him, tell ya man you're through Trying to prove your love to him Go on girl tell ya man you're through Trying to prove your love to him See I'm through staying up all night Waiting for you to return I can't think of a better lesson I had better learn But you'll find out further on down the road See I let you take my heart But I can't, I can't let you take my soul It's always happening in so many love affairs Yeah you so in love today, so in love today but tomorrow tomorrow You just don't care One gets tired and gives up on loving the other Then the other goes running in the streets, Running in the streets, just running in the streets Trying to find it in another You're through Tell the man that you're through right now (Proving my love to you) Baby I'm through (through) (Go on, go on) I'm going (tell the man that you're through) I'm done (Through) See I ain't even mad about it, yes in fact I feel so Cause I got a good man (through)(through) I'm gone I'm not gonna sit here and try to convince you that I'm gone I'm gonna head home and pack up and put it outside the door And he can just stay right wherever he is with the woman he decided to be with Go ahead he chose her let him stay there But I'm through