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Any Old Wind That Blows (Cash Johnny)

A 1. Lord, she's restless D A Like cotton candy clouds that sail the day D A Flowin' free... and she possesses D A D A mind that can't resign itself to stay... for long, with me E D So I tried and tried, to keep her tied and satisfied A D Until she really needs me... yes I do A E But when that certain look comes on her face D A I can't replace it and she leaves me. 2. I know she needs me About as much as I need someone else Which I don't... and if need be I swear someday I'll up and leave myself... which I won't Even If she loved another man, I'd understand it more than I do Umh, umh, umh - but I know the only reason That she ever had for leavin', is she wants to. E D R: She's a butterfly in mid July, who just can't wait to try A D Her brand new wings, on brand new things A D A And she needs no rhyme or reason, when she goes E D Her mind is on what lies beyond that wall of Blue horizon A D I suppose... and heaven knows A E A She'll go sailin' off on any old wind that blows. D A Yes she will, yes she will E A She'll go sailin' off on any old wind that blows.