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I Know (Lil Cuete)

[Chorus x2] I know you feel the same way to And I know you feel the same as I do So let's put all this bullshit aside Spread them legs and let me inside [Verse 1] I'm cruising in a regal With a desert eagle I see this hyna jockin Players know I'm stoppin' I have to turn around But first I look around, I Have to watch my back I don't know where this bitches boyfriends at I pull up to her side and I tell her jump in My rolas bumpin' Notice something's on my mind You're looking fine and you know it You know your ass and titties look good Because you show 'em, I wanna hold 'em Kiss 'em and come and you can suck it I love it when a bitch trips in front of me Girl don't be frontin' me Let me see how bad you are Let me see how far you can take it down your throat Try not to choke You don't need to swallow But suck me ‘till I'm hallow And then call me up tomorrow Oh, I'm sorry! Did I take it too far? If you don't wanna fuck, get the fuck up out my car [Chorus] [Verse 2] I love the girls that flirt Look at the little mini-skirt That she's wearin' I know she's lovin' it when I'm starin' I got my eyes on her, her eyes on me I guarantee later on we'll be fucking in between the sheets I know you feel the same way to Your boyfriend don't have to know what we do As long as no finds out and goes out And runs their mouth about me and you We can do what we do Whenever you want to Call me on the phone I'll show up alone Ready to bone Making you moan I'll take off your clothes And we're both getting ours When we're bumpin my flows Nobody knows like a big secret And that's the way I wanna keep it Just between me and you, you and me Will know what we do So stop acting like you don't want to I know you want to [Chorus] [Verse 3] You know I'm not the type of guy To sit around and watch you lie Know that I'm the type of guy I'll fuck you I ain't gon stick and die I'll never waste no time On a bitch that can't make up her mind It's now or never so make your choice I know you like my voice when you hear my tongue flip Picture me doing it on your clit Or picture me rubbing it with my dick Any way you like I'll give it to you quick Let me see your tits Put your nipple to my lips I'll kiss your whole body When we're acting naughty I love to see your body On top of my body Smoking on some yeska while we're drinking Bacardi When your man gets you mad, call me up and we'll party I know you feel the same way to And I know you feel the same as I do So let's put all this bullshit aside Spread them legs and let me inside [Chorus] Ha-ha once again little Peter Cuete Let's put all the bullshit aside mija You got what I want And I got what you want So remember that Put the bullshit aside Let's get down to business And I'm gone [echoes]