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Introducin' (The Cross Movement)

[Chorus] Introducin' The Lord Jesus The Christ The Author and Finisher of All Life We brings the ruckus when we uplift the gift of salvation It was He who came through forty-two generations Logos invasion to planet Earth through virgin birth the last Adam had come to reverse the works of the first He became a curse to become a cure the blood poured made sure that he who enters by the door · will be eternally secured What shall I render? surrendered lives are due to Him in due time the True Vine reconciled humans to the divine union of the Father Hearts are altered to the altar He died for all walks of life He's the Lord of all cultures Perfector, Resurrector, all life is His Sin-disconnector, Eternal-holder of the sceptor of righteousness Thunderous praise comes from his numberless fleet the sovereign King all things are placed under His feet The uncreated, incarnated creator of all creation is to be celebrated in all occasions 'cause He's the glorious, victorious Victor with the greatest victory of all history peep the unveiling mystery of the Chief Corner-stoner, the atoner we present to this world the most generous Blood donor [Chorus] Unto us a child was born, a son was given to be given into the hands of wicked man and like a lamb to his shearers the Sin-bearer was terribly beaten, spit upon crowned with thorns scorned by the heathen still breathen? They stripped him Cat-of-nine whipped Him What sin have they found in Him? for four-hundred Roman soldiers to be poundin' Him surroundin' Him with mockery Them not havin' eyes to see He fulfilled every prophecy to the lower case "T" at the cross the cost was paid a door was made no more barricade between God and man Peace was made by the blood of the Lamb that was shedded · I've been reconnected to the Creator who is the Resurrected Savior, who is the only accepted Mediator unlike those that claim to be The fact still remains to be the Son of God broke my chains and bore pain for me 'cause when no one else did, He died so I can live, so it's not I that lives but Christ that lives within my quarters worthy is the captain of the bloodsport whose blood bought us His love caught us when we were in sin at every hand He broke heavy bands when he took a taste test of death for every man Come and see we've found the One He's the bright and Morning Star 'cause everything revolves around the Son He's omnipotent, omniscient self-sufficient, pre-eminent co-existent, never distant the divine Thriller, the Blood-Spiller Void-Filler · the Peace-be-Stiller the Sin-in-the-flesh-Killer The livin' agua ·the never endin' saga Aleph and the Tau, Eternal Father Infinite with all might whose shinin' bright with all light Jesus the Christ the Author and Finisher of all life! [Chorus]