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Get Down (G-Unit)

Yeah, it's the Unit! Yeah (showtime) Swizz! OHH! (M, C) Wooooo! I run the show! No ifs, ands or buts about it Me fall off? Listen homeboy, I doubt it Me? I gets down, I get down down down I get down, I get down down down I get down, I get down down down I get down, I get down down down I spit it how I live it man they love it when I talk shit Not three, not two, I'm number one on the chart bitch (yeah) Drama get to poppin even when I don't start shit I turn around there's only two shells left in the cartridge My homies dumb out, my homies dumb out Find out what they 'bout, when the guns come out I got a shitty attitude cause I come from the bullshit Got the ammo on me now, nigga front I'ma pull this In the hood, you rat you die In the hood if you rap you die I'm out the hood gettin fat and high Private jet, it's time to fly Got the Roley with the bezzy gettin head in Dubai And my wolves come out when the moon comes up Before we take a hit, we roll that buddah Hydro and hash take me to the moon Alice I got bad aim but the fiends on the rats, YEAH! Baby we'll get lotto from Murcielago I race in my driveway; motherfuck the highway Niggaz talk money just not around me I get the cheddar, ask Swizz, I blow the parmesan cheese Like it really means nothin, cause it really means nothin I'm not what you used to, I'm really not frontin Tell the shorties I ain't got time to talk, I'm trickin I want what I want, and what I want I'm gettin Uhh, forty thou' earlobe, 40-cal gripper That'll make a girl out the "Green Mile" nigga In the street rapper, industry bully It's cold, tees turn to rest-in-peace hoodies (uhh) I gets 'em out, my tricks playin spades I swim in dime pussy, piss Rose Unit rider, my clique don't play I got a pocket full of green now my wrists all gleam You know if God bless the child with so much swag Now what am I supposed to do with all this cash? Seats less pussy got, all that ass Shakin it and wiggle, your skinny bitch mad AHH! These niggaz ain't hot like we They don't know how to rock the spot like me Smell like I just got out a brand new V My black ass fresh up out of Bentley C's Work with me lil' mama, let's get it Wan' take you down to the flo', shorty I'm wit it I'm on that shit, we on that shit I ain't on that rubber grip, nah nigga don't trip Wind it up (wooo!) Wind it up (wooo!) Wind it up (wooo!) Hit the flo', flo' (wooo!) That flo', flo' (wooo!)