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Better Than the Courtroom (Minor Elliot)

Fronting the order Pacing down the isle I got a conviction I guess I'll be here for a while I'm numbing my feeling I know I'm better in denial I'm crossing out that life exists 'cause i'm a better liar I wish I was special So I could ride above the law This silence is deadly And now I'm starting to withdraw I need some substance To get me out this door It's better than the courtroom It's better than before CHORUS This is killing me I suffer from a drawn out misery A future that's run out of energy Another day that come undone I will burn for you You were the obsession We're breaking through We're building our agression I can't go on knowing that i'm all alone Knowing that I'm all alone Suddently shaking My blood level's dropping low This room is heavy And there's no future to enroll I envision tomorrow But the pictures all distort I'm counting all these ups and downs that threw us overboard This is the moment Air's fleeing from my lungs Will i get off off lightly Or will i bleed for what i've done? It's a hell of a fever And i'll be better when it's gone I'm coming down I'm breathing hard Just what we're waiting on It's time to change the record It's time to care Let's burn down the old desire Like we were never there Let's be the better nation Lights that flare Let's burn down the undesired Like we were never there