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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Giants In The Ocean (Sky Eats Airplane)

Boundless water in an eternity frame of mind And all that's lost is our time Peaks break through open sky that grasps for land below Mountains climb and topple on themselves. Steel breaks wave and sounds lull us to sleep All things drift quietly away Forget your cell phone man, it won't work here (2x) It wont work here (3x) My cameras zoom - it captures all that might embrace it Unsteadied ice creates the wake in deeper places Oh darling I can't bare the thought of seperation The years will pass and we'll forget just how this made us There is substance in this silence The proof of what surrounds us. Photographs are a mirror image Look deep and see yourself within them. Seasickness, ancient forests, and water creatures Keep us from thinking about home