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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Move On Baby (Cappella)

Take the chance Give it all that you can Cause he doesn't feel a thing for you You can try to move on So nothing will go wrong Maybe he will be back To search for you Back on track It's me yeah, and I fixed it I proved my point, now we mix it Yeah the A double L star, fresh and I got together To make the track flow better That's why we stand strong, now you know what's up If I'm on the move, I can't stop The beat is simple, but you can't refuse it, That's why I love music. Move on baby Move on baby Move on baby And we get together Again and again I keep going with the swing I stay funky like this and I bring Beats to move you, So I can prove you That I can rock a microphone like I used to I love music yeah, can you feel it Check me out This is how I deal it The bass, the mid, the treble I just fuse it together Cause I love music.