Cypha International (The Ambassador)

[Cruz] Wit the same steeze and finess I'm back to speak and bless preach Jesus - for these three reasons He's the Way, the Truth, the Life, so please believe Him and take heed of this Being who keeps my heart beating with breath deep in my chest - bringing to all of y'all Christian raw rhymes to digest I'm justa teacher to test, but a student at best placing my fruitful life on top of my Teacher's desk Jesus! He's the Genius I have to confess He taught me how to eat good like we should instead of feeding my flesh I reflect back on that evening Christ was bleeding to death as I'm reading the text that keeps me in check I'm critiquing the meaning of God's agape Love peeping its depths following each of His steps while leading the next legion of reps equipped to reach and effect every region with the gospel from the east to the west cus life with out Christ is like having a jeep or a lex with out the keys to inject [Efrem] From Bronx to Brixton Philly to London Piccadilly This is for 'ood rats and 'ill Billies and Politicians up on Capitol 'ill for real we come to share the Word of God no matter how you feel because nuff 'tings are a shame in this nation that claims to profess the Lord's name like how in Universities and in the High Schools they have ban the Bible and say it's for fools and yet still chose to be preachin' all dat speculation like natural selection instead of Jesus Resurrection it takes more faith to believe evolution coz it's a theroy who's evidence has been disproven man's philosophies ain't notin but profanity without no absolutes we only breed immorality and depravity anarchy within humanity GODlessness is the root of all insanity but GREAT is the mystery of Godliness God was manifest in the flesh before nuff witnesses beneath the Cross darwin's wisdom ain't but foolishness because it can't give us purpose, hope or righteousness Oh Yes our faith has sure evidence Jesus rose on the 3rd day like sweet smelling incense to the deceived He's stench to those who believe and receive and repent He is a life-givin fragrence! [The Ambassador] We make noise for Jesus like racquet It's not an act, in fact, it's a habit practiced by Christ fanatics And while you laugh it's amazing how we have this Thing you lack it's relationship with the Triune Package With no slackage, we rap to put Christ on the map kid Times are drastic, but some are laughin' like it's slapstick Grasp it, ask if you can hack wrath and its facets The math is man plus sin equals casket Added to that is the Revelation where the passage Says after you die, you're judged then you burn like acid We're all born in the basket I know you've fasted went to church took new members class and passed it But when the bad news is bitter as winters with Jack Frost The Good News can shine like diamonds on black cloth Now back off and shift to Calvary where grace flows Out of the body of a Savior with manmade holes Think of the aches yo, think of the face blows, think of the grave clothes But remember the phrase goes "then He got up" case closed Let's break down to praise mode yo Redeemed hip hoppers say ho, "Hooooo!"