My Clothes My Hair (The Ambassador)

[Chorus] So many people are hurt inside Don't even know him even though they might have heard of God Can He love me? Will He hear my prayer? Or, think I'm ugly when He see's my clothes or sees my hair I heard of a Savior heard He bled and died We could give Him our sins and we could get his life Yet I wonder for me if He will He even care When He sees my clothes or when he sees my hair [Verse One] Let me get up in this verse right now I'm thinking back to when we first got down I only groped but when you searched I found Snatched quick though you knew how I acted That's what's sick, I was a pick that you drafted? A backflip with a split couldn't be more backwards In fact that's classic I love to see your tactics But I think back to when I'd shrink back on the real B It's real deep; I really thought you could never feel me Cause my shirts were double X when really I was a small Double shirts for the effect when really it wasn't called for Pants baggie- they sagged and dragged on the floor But I was never that boy to show the back of his draws But I did hang, kicked slang, me and my boys did Rocked doo-rags till it put a crease in our foreheads And on the surface others said we were worthless But I'm glad you purposed to love us and you made us your purchase [Chorus] [Verse Two] I was convinced of your power so I was down to comply with Your standard Your God the Father- Creator- I was your product But I noticed my focus it wasn't on You; my hope was you would Meet me heaven but as for earth I'd roll with the hood I really didn't want your heaven- just didn't want hell more I really didn't want your presence- just didn't want hell more I didn't know you were beautiful You made advances but in fact I'd push you back like a cuticle I was a bad date But, now I know what it was you got lumped in with some people like a crab cake They elevate their own; they celebrate They make their own what's right They say it's what you like Everything else- they make it wrong I'm glad you don't hate our music or fashion Unless these things and how you intend us to use 'em are clashin' Cause for us, this is just a part of the culture But it's the reason why some think they shouldn't try to approach ya [Bridge] Man sees the outside But God sees the inside No matter your outside Through faith He'll come inside (2x) [Chorus] [Verse Three] I could weep So many people never heard of the name Yeah they heard the word "Jesus" but never heard of His fame They feel cut off from Him Not just cause of their sin But because of their clothes, hair, or their color of skin And they've been afloat- drowning in sin, we're in a boat Yet they've never been approached Cause we see them as different folks God's offer's universal- yeah He wants you in His circle- yeah He wants you in the doo-rag And He wants you in the purple hair You can just take a cursory Glance at the word and see God made the plans of diversity Is there one godly ethnic group In the church should we all wear one polyester suit Or maybe rock sandals and robes, no ham I suppose When we meet maybe we should only eat salmon and loaves Should we only like the organ or the violin I'm inquirin', I admire men up in the choir and women But one minute, why do some people assume that God's iPod Got no tunes that got the "boom-bap" He's with White, with Black, with Lat With Asian with Rock, Country, Jazz, with Rap [Chorus]