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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Desire On Repeat (Vedera)

it's all the same sex in the air your promises all the same you'll be the one who will always care but how can you promise the world how can you promise your heart when it's always searching but i'm just like you i don't want to deny my heart its chance to feel i don't want to deny my soul something real is there anything else in this world that can satisfy me do you really love him they'll say your second chances are scribbled in the rules but i think the consequence is just something more feels so exciting and this black romance is so enticing this desire is worth the fighting but is it worth deciding that i am just like you and it keeps repeating and we keep believing disrupt the part of me that needs some space repeat that look i see in your face remid me of truth, remind me of the reason of existence