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Bound for Valhalla (Folkodia)

Strike! Send me to Valhalla! I'll show you how a warrior dies! Dare look me in the eyes: Can you see the wild joy therein? Strike Send me to Valhalla! I'll show you how a Viking dies! It was not thy sword But the Norns that decided my fate! It takes a hero to put me down Do you think you can even try? The Gods are on my side, The berserker rage is my guide! Let you arrows fly to me, Cast you spears straight to my heart- I know no pain, death is my friend, I'm protected by Odin's own shield! Farewell my friends, I'm leaving today- Bound for Valhalla, I must be on my way! Farewell! my foes, You were worthy indeed- Bound for Valhalla, I'll see you there one day!