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Defenders on the Wall (Folkodia)

Ride out to meet them, Ride out with the dawn! Raise the battle standard, For all to behold And take up the cry: Stand by the king! The Ottoman hordes, Before the Theodosian Wall Ravening for blood- Mongol mongrels begone When forth rides Constatine! Giovanni musters his knights, Their armor catches the light As sliver their lances shine Undimmed by Death and Night! Faces blazing like the sun No fear lurks in their hearts: See the last defenders stand Where hope is frail and wan With swords in their hands... The line has to hold! Give them not an inch Of our ancestral land... The line has to hold! Push them back to Hell Back where they belong! No foe can ever lay low What a proud heart owns; Though the wall is breeched The city's taken and the holiest Of holies defiled by brutes, See them stand in victory...