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In the Realm of Manannan (Folkodia)

Ruler of the ocean and the seven seas, Grant my ship passage throught thy realm; For I am Tadg, son of Cian, On the path of vengeance for all my kin... The wind lashed our faces, The brine was in our eyes- Yet far we sailed into the night, Right through the tempest's soul... The rain fell hard and tore My bright sails apart- And still we manned the oars, Bravely headed for, far North! In the realm of Manannan, Where summers are forever, Through the raging storms, Mists of the Otherworld: I have reached the islands, Where the Elders dwell- I have found the place Where reside the Blessed! Lo! Three fortresses stand On three hills thereupon, One is pure white, the other is gold, The third made of silver Wherein dream the lords of yore... In the realm of Manannan, Where peace and beauty reign, The land that Mael Duin saw emerging From horizons far, after years at sea- In the realm of Manannan, Across the foaming sea, O'er brillowing wave i sought vengeance for my kin...