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The First Battle of Moytirra (Folkodia)

The Firbolgs are marching With their heavy spears in hand To face the noble Dannan And fight for the fate of Ireland... The Tuatha de Dannan clash With the raging Firbolg host Iron shatters bronze and forth Is spilled the blood of many A warrior once strong and bold... But at night, a miracle occurs The wounded are healed Bathed in healing herbs They are restored to health... And in the morning, war Is seen dawning with the sun Until the land turns a murky red And rivers are dyed with blood... In the end the Dannap prevail, The Firbolgs lie defeated And surrender in utter shame Before the throne of Nuadu... Yet the king sees no victory - By Dannan law he Has to fall. For to rule a man needs both hands And he only has but one left...