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The Immortals of Thule (Folkodia)

Once long ago I was a man, Took pleasure in simple things: The blowing of the breeze That caressed my fields, A jug of ale so sweet, The embrace of my wife On a long winter's night By the crackling fire of the hearth... Then one day I sailed away, My armor sparkling in the sun With my sword and spear in hand To far away lands, towards Thule... My eyes beheld secrets of the gods What mortal eyes are not meant to see: The monsters at the edge of the world, The magic that still endures... I stood before the wonders Of a sunken world forlorn; My heart was fearless then The blood a' pounding in my veins... I But a curse, on me was laid To stay and never homeward sail, Immortal I became, a guardian of the cave, One of the immortals of Thule... Now I cannot remember No matter how hard I try The simple things that gave me joy Once upon a time... The years will pass me by And wax into eons long But forevermore I will stand As an immortal in Thule Alongside my comrades In the cold and crystal-lit caves Doomed to sail no more Nor see my home's blessed shore...