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Planes And Trains (Mars Ill)

[Verse 1: Pigeon John] I live on the road, a modern day hobo Trained to eat quick and expect the low blow Get what you can from a dried up hole In the land of the lost, cowboys in the sand And my soul is the coal, and my life is the flame And it's burning to earn all the lights and the fame And it's turning to ash every step towards cash And I'm losing it fast so I mash on the gas But it's too late My fate is a broken-hearted freshman even before my first date And I smile at my call, another yes, yes y'all With every summer, there's fall So I just rock in my chair while they rock to the beat A whole trainload of fresh meat And it's so sweet how they dream, their young hearts beam But they really don't know what it means, but they will though... [Hook] (There by subway train)Another day booked, I'm a fish on a hook now (There by subway train)It's too late to turn out my ride 'til I die now (There by subway train)Hitching a ride into town with my hands out (There by subway train)I gotta go now, gotta go now, gotta go now... [Verse 2: Manchild] Took my car to the MARTA station, train to the airport Feet to the bare floor, fists to declare war Fame as a flare, tore pain from your stare Used the game as a springboard, my name's at your in-store Kick to the snare drum, get here to there, son They stick to the chair like chicks that get their hair done Spit this to spare none, rhyme liquid in rare form Commit to prayer born, brought heat to stay warm Rap is my two cents, backed by the movement Sacrificed my words to give you Pigeon John and Blueprint Pleased just to thank you, hang with a strange few Five to the Deepspace, stay the same just to change you Pen to the notepad, mind to the starshine Knee to the groundwork, 'cause right now is our time Plane to the down south, MARTA to the train stop Walked to the car and drove back to the block... [Hook] [Verse 3: Blueprint] Are we there yet? Let me know, I'm feeling restless From traveling up what feels like stair steps And I hope it doesn't make me weak when I start to question How far I'm willing to go to deliver this message But the point of no return is where we're all at It's easier to push forward than to go back And since I can't go back to life before rap I'ma play this game and boost all my stats I was born at a time when you earned respect For the rhyme and the way you made words connect Not the money that you made or the girls you sexed A concept you obviously haven't heard of yet I did more shows in a month than you did in your life Ate gas station food, stayed up late nights Met a couple women that I'd like to make my wife And realized that I'd travel anywhere for mics...