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Psa -428 (Mars Ill)

Yeah, we got something else to say, believe it or not We don't claim to represent each element of hip-hop I'm eloquent on the mic, flip language, that's what I do Enlighten fresh subject matter and deliver it straight to you In the vein of Pharaoh and Chuck D, I still feel lucky To be able to share the vision and describe the way it struck me Interrupting the senseless noise that ClearChannel services Resurgence and revival to defeat this sense of worthlessness And Dust [scratches] Well Dust completes the thought that I began His words are drums, he's talking now, but can you understand? Well I can, and there's a legion of fans that get it also His audiomatic scratch patterns are all pro Hit your torso full force, a course of future things to hear Press your head against the speaker. Catch this double-feature Make believers out of fence-riders and critics in one verse But, yo, I got something to clear up first See MC's are the mouthpiece and always the first to give props To every person that's ever windmilled or knows how to uprock But the b-boys could care less about the way you flow or rhyme They don't even listen to any rap after 1989 So take the time. Take a minute and take a good look They live inside the breaks and stay addicted to the "Good Foot" Should you ever meet one that says he has my album Take a picture for me 'cause that's rare, one in a thousand And graf-writers, well let's be honest You don't really like my music and I can't read the words you're bombing I mean, who am I kidding? I've seen burners that moved me And I like to ride the train and let the pretty colors soothe me But I don't vandalize, I'm afraid someone might shoot me And I'm available if any of y'all ever need to speak through me But I won't push it anymore, see I'm giving y'all some leeway For now, I'll speak on behalf of myself and plus my DJ...