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Curse The Morning Light (Pantheist)

From a crack on my sealed window enters a ray of light It falls down at the foot end of the bed that I''m not going to leave (any more) I curse you morning light, spot on my solitude No one here to mourn with me the loss of hope in this life The light that brings the day reminds me that I''m dead I want to break out, I want to be free And leave behind these chains that keep me captive My life a ruin, it has ruined me I smell my soul rotting; it fades away with the years O bastard life, for too long you fooled me You made me believe that you are worth to live A growing fury, a growing pain enveloped my soul, paralysed my heart love is a lie, hope is a morbid joke every day the same old song I want to break free from this vicious circle To hear some words of comfort, to breathe some joy I have passed the point of no return since long: The gravity of this black hole is too strong Look at me, disappearing within its darkness My God, it hurts more than I could possibly imagine! I must cope with the emptiness Which has weaved its web around my soul I''ve sunk in the abyss of desperation And yet I''m here, a fool among the fools The hour has come... the angel of death looks me straight in the eyes like a basilisk He stands there staring with empty gaze- like an ancient statue and tries to break the shield which guards my empty soul But all those joyless years have eventually dried my tears drained every emotion of my well-worn body which slowly rots and disintegrates The angel smells the stench of slow death disgusted, he disappears into the night I cut my flesh with my broken nails enjoy the fluid of life flowing The cancer has left my heart and yet I''m more than ever dead...