Frankie And Albert (Mississippi John Hurt)

Frankie was a good girl, everybody know, she paid one hundred dollars for Albert's suit of clothes He's her man, and he did her wrong "Ain't gonna tell you no story, Frankie, I ain't gonna tell you no lie" Says, "Albert a-passed about a hour ago, with a girl you call Alice Frye He's your man, and he's doin' you wrong Frankie went down to the corner saloon, she didn't go to be gone long She peeked through keyhole in the door, spied Albert in Alice's arm He's her man, and he did her wrong Frankie shot Albert, she shot him three or four times, says, "Stand back, I'm smokin' my gun, let me see is Albert dyin' He's my man, and he did me wrong" Frankie and the judge walked outta the stand, and walked out side by side The judge says, "Frankie, you're gonna be justified, killin' a man, and he did you wrong"