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Beyond Regrets Of The Past (Hibria)

(I'm) Losing control (I'm) Screaming in silence Blows me away, this scary madness My dying soul has no more hope Just sadness will lead my way When you face all the pain that enslaves you Bending your knees you will pray When you break all the chains that make you A slave to the darkness Beyond regrets of the past Sleepless fears not left behind (A) Way out - I'll try all my best But I just can not get rid of my mind Rage and hate I feel when I look at the scratches on my soul Burn up the past We always have to move on our future No matter if we're lost (The) growing fear will make us strong to survive And keep on realizing We just have on life to cure The shadows we keep confined Don't surrender the fight, struggling inside Blaming the world won't make you heal When I feel I'm not strong Damn darkness I know will hold me again I'll force my mind - to face my regrets That keep me in the past Beyond regrets of the past