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Blinded By Faith (Hibria)

Mind-numbing speech Fills their souls with beauty and cheer Collective trance Leading their hearts to flood the temple The outsiders they'll execrate They will behave as empty shells of hate From here to eternity they will act Forever blind, as judges of you and me Unveil the poison Their hate is never-ending Their world is as small as their God Blinded by faith and by fear Blinded by faith Promising hell Raising their children to condemn Inheriting the beast Their will confined Refusing to see what's real Blinded by faith Blinded by fear Hell is so damn close A step away from paradise Dare to cross the line The wrath of God will fall from the sky Hypnotic mantra on their heads Swallow lies! Obey! Behave! Stupid blind disease No criticism No way to cease The foolish thoughts of their brainwashed minds Worthless to try Their mouths decry The grace of being free to decide Blinded by faith Blinded by faith Blinded by fear