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Defying The Rules (Hibria)

Hurry up, The time to attack it is near by Under the moon glow our swords will slash the lies That were always told Faceless slaves, Your shields aren't enough for the furious swords Look the reality and think by yourself, Is the world free? Inside the dust and smoke The roar of the engines is approaching Threatening the Faceless lands again Headway to truth, From now they'll call us Masters of Fate Fight till the end, Defying the rules of the power The dusk has come, The thump of their hearts starts to crash the path Ready to join all the Beasters on the hills And take the new lands. South to north, The rebels are joining to bravely fight Against the Faceless who's trapping their lives And stealing their souls Fire, destruction is all the way Bloody leather, our fate Time, it's been many years of hate For how long a lie prevails? All who lived this fight Were carrying on their sins Everyone will be forgiven But everyone must live it (all) Must live it all... Defying the rules of the power