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Change Your Life Line (Hibria)

You were defeated one more time By the faceless in charge Ruler of lives You've never lived your real fate Cause you were undesired Over and over the times Burning and dying in vain Steel Lord look deep at my light Come on - watch your lives all together Come! See yourself thru (time) The past life vision is now your prize Catch it and use it to change your life line You tried hard to show the world The Inquisition was wrong You burned as a witch You wanna leave the revolution To have freedom of speech You were shot by the Berlin wall I don't wanna have this feeling any more Not accomplish what I fought for Now it's my turn to change it all Anger is my fuel to destroy Mercy and justice to whom will die Freedom of mind to the land I will fight for I won't believe in their justice I won't be trapped once again Death to the ones who slave minds Strength and honor to all who will fight Pride and glory to all survivors