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Sea of Revenge (Hibria)

Shiny night at 1 o'clock Black mud over my feet A rotten smell is all around A swamp taste on my tongue's tip Many times I've watched you Playing beyond the edge But I'm the one who fell down hurt Here I am to watch you once again But my feelings tell me This time we'll come to an end Screaming loud, a desperate cry Can you feel my pain inside you? Drowning in my sea of revenge Walking on the devil's ground I'm staring at you drown Shall his hand extend to min? Or pride will take his life? Anger fear, pride and rage, Tornado in our hearts Will our mercy save our lives? Overwhelmed and locked in cages Looking at the bright of stars We see how small we are Freedom has led our lives But look close how it has ended To bunker our lives You and I Were caught fading out ourselves Make us room Is there no place for both of us? Here and now? Only one deserves... Only one deserves all space? Can't you believe it, there is no room! We cannot isolate your thoughts We cannot isolate your thoughts Natural born hate makes me survive Burning all my heart and soul All you have done to my life Will make me demand so much time to forgive you For so many lives we will hate, So expedite try this one