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Sight Of Blindness (Hibria)

Can you tell me the reasons Of this white flash in my sight? I'm going out of control My delight shall be over fast Where is all that fun that I felt with my all - blessed eyes? Sure I'm going to die Down there among the blind There's no assurance They'll rescue me I will join you in this creepy fucking life There's no time to step back and regret Dismissed and hungry we shall fade away Shooting at a helpless blind For the pleasure of blood Made me feel like a beast in disguise Shooting at a helpless blind For the pleasure of blood Cause all the sight of blindness is inside my eyes "You, shut up with your lies" "Fuck ya, I didn't kill a life" Pain, you don't know how fear kills your mind "You, shut up with your grief" "Listen, I didn't ruin a life" Death, I only unleashed the poor life Of the infected blind already dead Now the pain became so hard, and desperate I feel Death's so close Last words on my mind as crying I close my eyes Shady nights - lousy room Being quiet is the only way So I hide... and wait for the next surprise Help me, I beg