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The Anger Inside (Hibria)

Lick it up or try another escape You thought you'd tease me one more day With no sins to save a prayer Watch it now, how the joker plays I will enjoy it once again While you beg an Ace of Spades When.. you have called my name I should have not heard... you crying... When you've called my name You've counted on my tears To quit your pain You've got up and drowned my Up-side fucking down Believe in your own eyes The anger inside me You've got up and drowned me Up-side fucking down Believe in your own eyes The anger inside of my heart C'mon you've never Thought you'd face A day when you would need My mercy once again Give up, you've made a joke on me Called me a coward weak I just wanted some peace Always you will have to live with Faces on the shadows Of a runaway Of a runaway Your dice were cast again Meantime, you wait for people's cheer Waiting on your fall to ahve the chance To step on your extended spit hand Falling once, is just a matter of time Take a shot, pretending once last time You are talented, shiny star Trying to hide you're an old lie all you did, spoiling belly men You have no talent on your hands So you share your gold with 'em