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The Faceles In Charge (Hibria)

Listen, I am the Faceless in Charge I am in charge of your life I'm the Empire All, all of your dreams I will feed I'll frighten all to believe You are a king I'm the news all watch The prejudice all trade The preaches all believe So, hear my spell and you'll have All that you need and deserve All I want back is your soul Safe in my chamber will be Come to be my slave Or into hell I'll throw you Look into my eyes, The eyes of skill and truth Listen to what I say little beginner You cannot find your life, My jungle will pick you up Too much for you, You're my prey The underworld has blown Your lands we will trespass You cannot hide us for so long The men without their freedom Mr. Faceless you can bet on that These men are now already dead And he says... The burning cold silence Is wasting away the souls Dead dreams awake Inside the men in chains Mr. Faceless says "guilty", For the crime of try He's waiting for your decision To give up and say goodbye Wars, I'm the war bringer of all My media tells why die for: Mind slaving all How... how can you start a breakout? If I will make all believe God is by my side I tell to whom you'll pray My laws you will obey Do not go further