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Tiger Punch (Hibria)

The sirens warn the runway attack The fire burns all the tanks To stay on ground is a shortcut to death The only escape is the sky You have waited for this chance With no fear to assault Tiger Punch In a light speed attack Cuts like a blade the horizons he flies Tiger Punch In a light speed attack With Steel Heart and soul like an eagle he flies Tiger Punch It's time to prove you're what you believe Or on the ground you will be Forever comin´ back until one last time The sky is where you must die You have waited to protect With no fear to assault Domination across the sky Terrifying fear at night From the sky down below looks so full of joy Hell on earth, beast unleashed Fighting fearless evil eyes air-borne Stronger than fear all has fallen in his eyes Alone in the sky he's the last to survive Tiger Punch The King of the Sky Tiger Punch The last to survive