Auntie Jean (The Bolshoi)

Here is the story of another girl Not one of the big ones in the world You wouldn't know it if you saw it on a bright day It was a pearl that you could've loved It was a pearl that you could've cherished But when the time came all you did was look away ... now Chorus: Have you met my Auntie Jean Are you simple, or very clean Do you still believe in the big machine Is there no reprieve from the big machine I didn't mean to make you upset I didn't mean to ruin your day Sometimes I really don't know why I say the things I say So that's the story of another pearl Not one of the big ones you see around the world Do you know what I mean Do you what I am saying? (chorus) Where is a story that I wanna hear The one where I am the biggest hero Why won't it, why can't it Why didn't you make it all come (chorus 2x)