In the future year - 2023
multional warlords - build an aquatic colony
Resolving confrontations - over territorial dusputes
Battled break out - when negotiations crumble
Charred remains washing to the shore
Escaped iones free to the surface
Vessels patrol the ocean floor
Maintaining border dominion
Through the ecrdiation of orgasms
Sea and surface life all is sacrified
In quest for reign of the deep
Whosoever masters the seas,
the last remaining frontier
Gains the wealthlocked in the brine.
Precious minerals sought - by the surface
Hostile takeover of - mining communities
Stormtroopers of technology
Careful to maintain nitrogen balance
Surgically removing the enemy within
New leaders create - order out of chaos
A civilization - beneath the depths
Arson of power conquering the oceans
Firming imbalance particles react
Expire life from - the precious seas
Thresholds mend
Sludge chain reaction - melds them down again
Depth charge
Destabilizing crust - and floor
instructed probes
Sear the water from - the toxic veil
Weapons system
Tear the living - from their glory
Vandal masters
carving up = the biosystem
Submerged deep
Fatal dictator stub - of the seas
Surface dwellers tremble
from a new superpower
Superior intellectchoosing
Base in the seas
Systematically eliminating
All who do not take heed
Stench of the aftermath
contains Aquatic's victory
No longer shall there be
any separations between cultures
Remaining survivors cast into a
meaning pot of conglomerate slavery
Absolute extinction of the once
praised heroic patriot
Lands of solid ground turned into
a biodegradable human wasteland
Pay homage to the ocean
where the kingdom now dwells
Aquatica, the submerged city