Flash from a Razor

Bestial Mockery

A flash from a Razor
My blood for Satan's lust
Morbid endless pervertions
In blackest Hell we trust

A Bestial army and a never-ending war
With Jesus blood we paint heaven's door
We rape Mary with the cross and shit on god's throne
One last battle and it all will be gone

Evil has arrived angels fall from sky
Try to stop me and you will fucking die
We rape your religion you turn the other chin
The evil crusaders are doomed to fucking win

I enjoy the taste of war
Punishing christian whores
Take their virgin cunts
And rape them against heaven's door

You fall on your knees praying to your god
With my er****** in your ass tell me where is he now?
I wanna hear you scream in pain when victory is near
Bestial Mockery is coming we smell your fucking fear

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