Maybe She Will

Graffin Greg

Laws of gravity fight uncertainty 
But I sit here without a clue 
Life had different meaning and 
I was only dreaming someone else 

Came to her rescue now she's gone 
And I am too maybe she will want 
To have me near enough to feel 
Unparted maybe she will ask me 

For some help to get her new place 
Started maybe she will see me 
'Round and want to take a mid-day 
Walk maybe just feel lonely and 

Will want to talk with me in cold 
And darkest weather, the times we 
Had together come to me and I smile 
To sleep then clouds dissipate and 

I soon re-awake to such a living 
Tragedy I'm resolved to pondering 
Maybe she will call me up to see 
If I am doing alright maybe she 

Will remember the times when I 
Would hold her so tight maybe she 
Will think about the letters that 
I used to send someday change her 

Mind and want to find me again they 
All say I'm wasting my whole life 
Away but I don't care because I have 
This candle from our courting days 

And it's almost gone but dim hope 
Flickers anyway maybe she will look 
At those old pictures and get teary-eyed 
Maybe she will feel my lonely heartbeat 

And hear me cry maybe she will help me 
Shovel out of this misery one day say 
She's sorry for giving up on me maybe she will