Gomorrah (Eyes Of Wrath)


I am Lot, remember me
The Lot, remember him
I saw, I told
He saw, He told
I shown
You didn't behold
He shown, they didn't behold
Living in the sinful lands, dying by the hand of God
I warned you all before
Messenger warned us all before
I beckoned the eternal war
He summoned for eternal war

Laws are always eternal
Lawyer is God
When the world goes astray
Sinners craved our blood

While God punishded
Their eyes filled with fears
When God devours
They drowned in the bloody tears

Green fields turned to desert
By the hand of doom, eyes of demise
Detestable things cannot be concealed
By God's immortal eyes

Gomorrah shame on you
You're the cradle of sin
Gomorrah shame on you
Your end is begining

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